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Pasadena CA Plumbers has located and fixed thousands of leaks in damaged pipes. We have many methods that match your exact needs and budget. make sure to call one of our Plumbers today so we can get your home or business running like new!

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Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks in your pipes, even tiny hairline fractures, can quickly grow into a frustrating and much more costly problem. Along with the obvious problem of water damage, if you leave a pipe leak alone, it can get worse and worse, until it requires much more extensive plumbing surgery to rectify.  

Whether it’s painfully obvious where your leak is or if you just suspect you might have one, Pasadena CA plumbers are here to help. Our plumbing technicians are available throughout California whenever you need them, day or night, and we’re experts at finding and fixing leaks.

Where Leaks Come From

Water leaks can happen for a lot of reasons. There’s a lot of hot, pressurized water shooting through your pipes every day. Even though your pipes are built to withstand it, over enough time, that water will begin to cut through or erode the walls and joints in your pipes; this same process is how canyons are formed.

Pipe Joints

Most water leaks occur near or in a pipe joint, where one pipe connects to another. When water passes through joints on its way through the system, it gets shaken up as it is forced to swirl and squeeze to get from one pipe to the other. This little bit of extra turbulence makes the pipe walling around the joint wear down that much faster. Consequently, leaks are more likely the more bends, turns or elbows you have in your system.

Hard Water

The integrity of your pipes is also affected by the attributes of the water in your system. If your home has hard-water (mineral-heavy), it’ll eat through the pipe walls more quickly. Minerals are hard on pipes because they are coarse; as they move through the pipes, they scrape up against the inside, wearing it away. The pH value of your water will also affect corrosion. Water with subtly acidic properties will eat away at the lining of the pipe, weakening it and making it more susceptible to wear and damage.

Water Pressure

The more pressurized your water is, the faster it’ll shoot through your pipes. The higher the velocity of the water moving through the pipes, the rougher it’ll be on the inside of your pipes. Over time, the pipe will be worn away enough that tiny hairline fractures will be worn into them by the water. When water passes through the part of the pipe that’s worn away, the pressure of open water in the closed system will suck the water out causing leakage. If you think you might have a leak, don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a professional plumber. 


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Detecting a Leak in Your Home

If you want to find out for sure that you have a leak, there are some steps you can follow: first, make sure no one is using any water in your house. Tell your family to hold off on taking a shower, flushing a toilet or using any sinks.

Check your Water Meter

The water meter will usually be outside, near the front of your house, in a covered box. Your meter should have a leak indicator, though what it looks like will depend on the brand. In any case, the indicator will be some kind of dial which will move when water is being used. If you’re sure no one is using water and the dial is moving, then chances are you have a leak.

To be doubly sure, write down the numbers listed on the meter. After you do this, wait half an hour and make sure no one uses any water for that time. After half an hour passes, go back outside and read the meter again. If the reading has changed from the number you’ve written down, you almost certainly have a leak somewhere.

Find the Source

Once you know for sure that you have a leak, there are a couple other things you can do to narrow down where it’s coming from. Find your home’s main shut-off valve and shut off your water. Then, check your meter once again. If the dial is no longer moving at all, it means that the leak stopped when you turned your water off, so the leak is inside your house. If the dial is still moving or there’s a change in the meter’s readings, then your leak is somewhere in your pipes outside your house. Now that you’ve determined whether the leak is inside or outside your house, you can try to figure out where exactly the leak has sprung.

Inside Leakage

Start by turning your water off again. Work your way up from the lowest level of your house, checking every pipe you can think of and listening closely for dripping. Check toilets by taking the cover off the tank and listening for any noises. If you can’t find a leak this way, drop food coloring into the tank. If that food coloring shows up in the toilet bowl an hour later, you have a leak. You could also turn off the water supply at the base of the toilet, record the water level inside the tank, wait an hour, then check to see if the water supply remained at the same level. If it didn’t, there’s a leak in the flapper or flush valve. If the water level is the same but you still suspect a leak in the toilet, the leak is coming from the toilet’s refill valve or float. Don’t panic! All of these things can be fixed.

Outside Leakage

If your leak is outside your home, you still have a couple things to look for. Check each of your spigots. Listen for any sounds of running water or dripping. If you have a swimming pool, check all of its components for a leak, including the pipes, lining and pump. Finally, if you think the leak is subterranean–in your service line or irrigation system, for instance–go out into your yard and look for muddy or soft patches, or even anywhere where the grass seems greener than the rest of the yard.

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Home Leak Repair from Pasadena CA plumbers

Contact our Plumbers day or night and we will send one of our certified plumbers  with the proper tools immediately. First, the plumber will quickly and effectively  locate and stop any leakage. Then, they’ll give your whole plumbing system a check up to find and repair any other plumbing issues, and to figure out if the leaks are indicative of a bigger problem that requires more labor.

If they find something, they’ll walk you through how it happened and recommendations for the best solution. By the time the technician leaves, you’ll be able to relax knowing that all your leaks have been taken care of and your pipes have been treated by the best Plumber in Los Angeles.

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