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Garbage disposals are really awesome when they work! They also are a pain when they break! Pasadena CA Plumbers can fix or install any brand of garbage disposal so you can get back to enjoying your kitchen!

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Garbage Disposals

Our qualified plumbing experts are ready to help you with any garbage disposal repairs or service and quickly get your equiptment back in perfect working order. If it’s time to purchase a new garbage disposal, we will help you find the ideal model that will best meet your home or business’s requirements.

If your new Pasadena CA Plumbing installed garbage disposal breaks within the warranty period, we will fix it at absolutely no cost! 

Our Garbage Disposal Installation Guarantee


If your new installed garbage disposal fails within the warranty period, Pasadena Plumbers will fix it at no charge and that includes time+labor We are talking any malfunction.  If your installed garbage disposal fails on the very last day of your warranty, we will install a brand new garbage disposal unit for free of charge. No questions asked!

Top Reasons for Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are an amazing luxury that can be taken for granted. We want our customers to be aware of the most common reasons why their garbage disposals break  down so they can avoid a costly repair in down the line. Here is a list of the most frequent issues our plumbers see in Los Angeles homes:

  • Damage caused by lack of running water when disposal is running
  • Old parts that needs to replaced
  • Bent, damaged, or broken fly wheel
  • Improper cleaning and care

Do not put your Garbage Disposal on the back burner. Take the DIY garbage disposal tips listed below to help prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal 

Garbage disposals come in many variations, sizes and features. There is so many options now that you really need to understand which one will work best for you. Our plumbing experts will help you decide which garbage disposal will best meet your home or business’s requirements. With the vast amount of options avaliable, this is the best way to ensure you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

DIY Garbage Disposal Tips

  1. Avoid pieces of Garbage never put anything large down your drain. If you can, you should always throw  debris or trash in the real garbage bin. Items like grease, oil, pasta, potato skins and egg shells should also be avoided because they will stick to the blades creating problems.
  2. Always Run Water Running cold water when you turn your garbage disposal on will really help get rid of scraps as it becomes ground up. This will help reduce stuck blades and blockages. It also works to lubricate the motor bearings and blades. Run for at least 25 seconds after you stop running the disposal.
  3. Use Ice Cubes Ice cubes will help clean the sharp blades and make sure your waste is being properly ground up. 
  4. Grind up Orange Peels If your disposal starts to smell funny, try putting some cut up citrus or orange peels down the drain. 

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Jose – Alhambra, CA

“The service I received was great. It was a Sunday afternoon and the technician did everything that he could to try and help out. Excellent customer service skills and knowledge of different services! It’s rare that you see someone come out to your home on a weekend, on a Sunday especially, but still remain positive and keep a good attitude

Niloufar – Pasadena, CA

“If it wasn’t for Pasadena CA plumbers, the toilets would still be plugged. Our technician worked extremely hard and was very professional. He is an unbelievably hard worker thanks to him my practice didnt loose valuble hours.”

Sara – Glendale, CA

“Everyone and everything about the experience with Pasadena CA Plumbers went beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this company to all of my family and friends.

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