There hundreds of reasons why you might need a new plumber. Maybe you just moved. Possible you had a really bad experience with your last plumbing project and want to try someone more experienced. Whatever the reason is, finding a new Plumbing proffesional can always be intimidating. the great news is, Pasadena CA Plumber. Wants  to help with your 24/7 plumbing needs.

These are the five most important questions you should ask any plumber before you hire them. If they can answer these questions, you should feel confident that they’ll be able to perform any job you need.

“ licensed and insured?”

Plumbing companies have licenses for different kinds of jobs. Always make sure to ask them about their licenses and receive the right information without hesitation. In California you can look online!

After you check their license, you should always  make sure your plumbing technician is insured. Insured plumbers are  covered in case of an accident or mistake on the job. Only work with a plumbing company that has up-to-date builder’s risk, bonds, and workers compensation insurance. When a Plumber has all of this you  know for sure they are a Proffesional!

“How long have you been Around?”

Time in buisness does not make the company the best around but it does show that people keep coming back. Time also shows you that they have kept up with all new practices and technology. Most people know change and competition is the number 1 factor in buisness’s failing. 

‌If you’re interested in finding a new plumbing company, Give Pasadena CA Plumbers a chance to make you another happy customer! We are happy to answer your questions 24/7.

“Please Show me your Reviews?”

Ask the plumber if they can show you testimonials and reviews from previous customers. You could also search for customer reviews on the plumber’s website, or social media.

You want to see what people who aren’t involved with the company say about previous jobs. You’ll be more likely to get honest, straightforward answers and advice this way.

“What is your response time?”

You know how your house is and what seems to break. better than anyone else. You also know if you can deal with it for a day or not anohter minute. If you decide 24/7 plumber or emergency plumbing services are needed, find a affordable plumber that can offer fast, immediate service.

Even when you thing you need emergency services, fast service can make a major difference between a minor inconvenience and a major plumbing repair.

“What are your specialties?”

When requesting a plumbing company, make sure to ask them about the particular specialties of their plumbers. Get farmiliar with the the people you’re working with to get an amazing Plumber!

Just for an example, a proffesional who is really good at sewer repair might not be a fit for bathroom remodeling. An amazing  plumbing company will give you a recomendation to the best person in your area everytime because they know many people recommend them for their specialty.