We will talk about the 10 things never to put down your garbage disposal. When useing your Garbage Disposal always remember its not a trash can. Garbage disposals are very conveniant but are not designed for everything! No matter how aweome yours is you still should not just throw anything down there.

We are here to help you get the best use and longevity of your Garbage disposal. Here’s a list of common items people try to use their disposal on. These items should never be thrown down there, and lets begin!



Pasta expands when it gets wet. Anything that expands when it gets wet shouldn’t go down your garbage disposal. When pasta expands in your disposal, it may become too large for your disposal blades to break up properly. Instead of grinding the pasta up into tiny chunks, the blades will get stuck in the past sludge and break.

The pasta won’t even make it through the disposal and into the drain. The pasta will then stop your disposal blades, and also form a drain blockage.


Fibrous vegetables.

Fibrous vegetables like celery and rhubarb tend to break down into long, stringy pieces. Those long, stringy fibrous pieces always tangle themselves up in your disposal blades when you run it. Repairing  that tangle isn’t worth the time you will save by dropping vegetables down the disposal. Throw out fibrous vegetables in your compost pile or in the trash.



your Garbage Disposal does contain powerful blades. Even If you have extremely powerful ones over time bones will dull them and stop them. To be safe throw your old bones in the trash or give them to your dog! This will make your disposal and Dog much more happy!



Ground nuts turn into Peanut butter, Almond butter, cashew butter well you get the point! Peanut butter’s defining characteristic is Stickiness! A disposal lined with various nut butters will be nearly impossible to work properly or clean. The butter will stick to the sides, causing nasty clogs and even attract pests.


Coffee grounds

The items on this list will have a few things in common. One of the biggest things is items that tend to get very sticky when wet. Dropping coffee grounds down your disposal will clump together. When coffee grounds clump together, they stick to each other and everything around them including your Garbage disposal.

Coffee grounds usually stick to disposal blades, pipes, and everywhere else. If you drop them into your drain they’ll make a massive, gross clog very quickly. The more coffee grounds you pour into your disposal, the bigger the clog will get. Throw out your coffee grounds in the trash!


Actual garbage

The number one thing our Plumbers find In Garbage disposals is actual garbage. I know it seems weird but do not put actula garbae down your disposal it is not sanitary and can create massive costly reapirs on your plumbing and home. Trash is very hard to break up and remove always put it in the trash can!


Fruit pits

Similar with bones, the blades of your garbage disposal are not strong enough to break up a fruit pit. Throw fruit pits into the garbage or compost so they don’t hurt your disposal blades and clog up your drains.


Cleaning chemicals

We know how easy it can be to dump drain cleaners into your disposal when you’re having a clog problem. It usualy feels like the smart solution. Unfortunately chemical drain cleanings almost always cause more problems than they solve.

Drain cleaning chemicals do not differentiate between a clog and your pipes. The more often you use them, the more they will eat away at your plumbing. Use them alot and they will wear away your pipes until they leak or completely burst. We recommend against using conventional drain cleanings, no matter how bad the clog. There is always a better solution!



In general, you should never drain latex or oil paints. Latex and oil paints aren’t easily washed away by water. Instead, they sit in your pipes, dry, harden, and become very damaging to your plumbing system.

If you’re cleaning brushes or rollers, do it outside or in an appropriate cleaning container. Dilute any paint with water until it’s clear before you pour it down a safe drain.

now what CAN you put down your disposal your wonder? Dish soap, ice cubes, leftovers, Non-toxic liquids and the small waste that comes off plates is all very safe. Most fruit and vegetable scraps (aside from the ones we talked about) are ok. Don’t get us wrong, a garbage disposal is still an awesome tool.  Just like any tool, it will break if you use it the wrong way.

Have more questions about  your garbage disposal? Need help repairing or replacing your damaged disposal? Whatever you need, Pasadena CA Plumbers will be there to help. We will make sure your disposal is working at its best!